High arena battles are monotonous and boring


I’m in Lockwood Estate, and I’m bored. I fight the same 10 people with all the same dinos. If I had 10 coins for every time someone opens with stupid stegodeus… oh look, monostegotops, let me guess, tragodistis next? yep. Annnnddddd BOOM, there’s the indoraptor. ugh.

Enjoy the lower levels folks - you get to face a variety of dinos, and use a variety of them. Once you get to maybe 4500+ it’s all the same… again and again and again.

I rarely play my old game anymore, just to get the “defeat 10” incubator and to win and start a new timed incubator once or twice a day. I will be making that Alanqa hybrid this weekend, maybe that will make things interesting for a bit.

My new game on the other hand… now that’s fun! Swap in moves, interesting dinos, flyers, and a variety of opponents. Good stuff. Now that I’m totally F2P (ludia will never get another cent of my money) I’ll probably start a new game once whatever game I’ve been playing for a while gets too monotonous.


For the most part I agree and understand where you are coming from. I’m sure we have faced each other many times. What I disagree with is the permanence of this dilemma. Many of the Dino’s we use and see the most used against us are the just the current best/easiest to level. As more are added, and people get higher levels of the more difficult to gather dino the variety will improve. Just my 2 cents


Likely true, but I suppose I’m not likely to level up anything enough to add that kind of variety, since I won’t pay for anything anymore.

But you’re probably right, it’ll just take time.


Now everybody in high arenas is starting whit utharinex, magnapuñyritor, dilonacheirus, trykosaurus et etc, mos of them have at least 4 uniques in their teams at 23+ i deranked yesterday 800 points just to fight normal people, i was missing that monostegotops and tragodistis xd


I’m 3.5k and I face the same all the time, but instead of indoraptor it’s I rex


By no means would I suggest that it’s going to change in the very near future. I’ve accepted my progress is gonna grind to a crawl soon. But Winter is coming and I’m not going to be running outside as much to get dna, I’ll be stockpiling the coins I collect for several months (I too won’t pay anymore and will cancel VIP in winter months, especially with the increased escape rate of Dino’s)


I Rex is not nearly as problematic as the raptor. Less speed, and easy to acquire counters are available to someone in your arena, plus the new epic flyer was built to counter I rex. I took I rex out of my lineup right before I got to 4000. Too risky


Ohh don’t I know it (about the alanqa against rex) I’ve got alanqa in my team and blocking that rampage is so good! I guess indoraptor is alot harder, I’ve only ever faced it on the strike event


It’s counterable too, but it’s an “easy” to level unique so it’s high level lets it kill things it shouldn’t, coupled with 3 turns of dodge and 20% crit… it can turn into an RNG nightmare if you’re unlucky… higher level keep it going and give it more turns to get on a roll. This obviously will change as it’s counters get leveled


I can only imagine… I’m already bothered by the repeated dinos in Sorna Marshes


i agree. i’m not in arena 9. im at arena 8, but it’s the same there too. for a game so heavily influenced by clash royale it’s kind of disappointing. literally every card in that game can be used effectively at any level and any arena. in JWA, once you’re at like 4500+ trophies it’s the same 4v4 every game :sleeping:


Yeah I fight the same people every night pretty much in Lockwood. It gets boring but I need those coins, so I just keep battling. Postimetrodon is a good counter for those who start with Stegodeus. If it’s the same level as me, or maybe one level higher, Posti can take it down if you use the moves correctly. Or Stegod will be standing there with a few hundred health left, ready to be dropped by anything faster. I do battles on my girlfriend’s account sometimes and she’s in Sorna, and I was telling her how lucky she is that she gets matches instantly and gets to fight a variety of people. Sometimes I wait 3 minutes for a match in Lockwood and fight the same person 3-5 times in a row. Oh well, I still have fun most of the time. Except when I’m yelling at the phone haha


Once u reached arena 8 it basically feels like this. :joy:
Whenever I have a green loading bar before battle I feel excited. You know u gonna face a new dino.


And this is why i dropped out of 4k+ after the tourney was over. So bored of the same legendary fights. Drop to 2k or so and start using my lower leveled dinos for fun, making interesting teams to try and move back up. Looks like i’ll be back to the boring legendaries in a few days anyway…


From my observation.

  1. Most dinos are competitive. But at high levels. Even the common ones.
  2. Most players are reluctant to level up most dinos not in their team - especially the common and rares except for few dinos. Reason being the levelling up costs are too much. In other words, the costs to build a competitive team is too high - hence making it too costly to try new dinos with different abilities.
  3. Solution to this issue
    a. Significantly increase the daily limit of coins;
    b. Significantly reduce the costs to level up dinos; or/ and
    c. All of the above.


I don’t think it will work, you will see same teams but all dinos at lv30.