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High-Aviary worst than low-Library

That’s what it felt like these last couple of days… Been battling at mid to low Library as always, finally against teams at my level, thinking that this time they got the matchmaking right… then had a small losing streak, not because of monstrous opponents (well, sometimes) but mostly because of bad RNG and team selection. Ended up dropping to Aviary… And THEN the monsters started to appear again!

Had to grind a hell of a lot more to go back to Library than I usually do to stay there! Anyone else in the 5k frontier noticing this or is it just me?


My experience is exact opposite.
High Lvl Dinos in low Library, somewhat equal or high Lvl in upper Aviary and occasionally low Lvl team.

Don’t think things have settled down yet - couldn’t win last night, can’t lose today (mostly) - bouncing around like mad

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You literally described what happens to me. I usually stay among 4900~5100. The battles in aviary are a lot harder than the ones up in the library.

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Last time I reached library this was true. But then I ran into a team of 29s and got the boot. noticed same thing on aviary until I got to around 4700 and then I became the monster. Literally fought 3x27 one match and 20s and 21 next.

That does make sense though. Aviary is now populated with average 22 teams as well as average 27 teams. They draw opponents from different pools. Once in the library they draw from the same pool. The l27 team will find matchups in library to be more fair obviously.

Can you show us your team? The levels and boosts

For sure. Seems I encounter more L29-30 dinos in Aviary than Library. But most of the time it’s just a blur. I would say 4800-5200 is the most stressful zone of all the arenas.

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Glad I’m not the only one then

You mean my team @DinoThunder?

They said that now it’s 75% trophies count and 25% team strength and we (me and my wife) clearly can see the difference. More fights with much much stronger teams, but I think that’s what is expected. It will take some time to sort people out according to their place. Me for example I’m dropping from high aviary to its lower parts and I have no problem with that.
It looks like keeping equal level of dinos to avoid much stronger opponents isn’t valid tactic anymore. The stronger the dinos the higher chances of winning and getting higher in ranks.

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That’s just for Aviary and lower arenas, they said… For Library, Gyrosphere and Beach it’s 100% trophy… So that might cause what others and I are facing. The fact that Aviary considers team strenght and Library doesn’t might be putting us against higher level opponents with just a little less boosts. At least in my case, all my creatures are boosted and I have a tier 8 speed in my team… Rarely see others like that… But it’s just a theory.

It seems that way. High Aviary is a joke right now, with lv 30s and lv26s going up against my lv23 team average dinos.

Then again, I haven’t had my two best dinos picked for the past 5 matches and instead picked my two weakest in all 5, which might be why I’ve lost them all.

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Like I said - high aviary is no place for low 20 dinos and you probably have to deal with it. My team avg lvl is 20.4 and this is what I get:

I’m still around 4800 and probably will drop to around lower bracket of aviary in couple days.
On a sidenote - people wanted MM to be reverted to trophies count and that is what we partially got. And now you have to deal with droppers which have 6-8 lvl higher dinos. Before that change I was getting up to +5 lvl dinos and now I get +8… But that’s what people wanted - vox populi…

It’s not exactly what we wanted 'cause many, including myself, complained about the trophy only system… But it’s SURELY better than what they did… I won’t complain anymore, it’s better this way. Arena droppers we have to deal with occasionally… OP teams of unfair power matchmaking we had to deal all the time!

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I havent felt the need to push to 5k this season so i cant comment on library mm… but from what ive seen bouncing between 4700-4950 doing my dailies is i can be paired up against level 28 dinos that wreck me to as low as 20-21 teams that i wreck… its crazy for sure… but then again when i think back to fighting the same teams with the same stats and roughly the same levels. I think i perfer it this way… mm by forest gump you never know what your gonna get.

I’ve noticed this trend too. For me, I fought teams with the same creature averages in the lower Library. I went on a hardcore losing spree the other day and now I keep fighting higher level (3 plus or higher) teams in upper aviary. I’m slowly itching my way back into the Library :pensive:

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That’s exactly it. Not that the Library is easy, but I’ve been fighting stronger opponents on upper Aviary when I drop back there… But I’m used to it, cause we had months of that happening on the Library too

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I forgot to tag you, @Arnold. My bad. Yes, your team.
Do you speak portuguese?

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You are not dealing with droppers but with teams (like mine, 27+) that were stuck in the Aviary for months - since 1.7 - and unable to advance due to the unfair “team strength” based mm. Now we finally have a chance to advance - it will take a little while before higher level teams move up and lower level ones drop to where they should be.


I don’t think that will be the case. In my opinion real problem is not MM but playerbase structure (too small, not evenly spread across levels and arenas) plus boosts (speed one is biggest offender) which allows to cheat your way into higher arena where you don’t belong.
Maybe new MM will push some lower lvl players into lower arenas, but the rest will stay the same. you with lvl 27+ dinos are in the same arena that me with lvl 20-21. My kind of players is not the one who makes your matches frustrating, but if my place will be taken by someone else then who will it be you think?
I’ve said that on forums already many times - it’s the same situation all the way down to ruins. There having lvl 18-19 dinos I was getting players with lvl 20-24. Two arenas later it’s the same. I don’t judge those people, cause whatever reason there is they are where they are. Maybe they don’t care, maybe they are “carebears”, it doesn’t matter, but they are playing this game longer, have better dinos and we are in the same arena.
I know I sounds like all gloom and doom, but that’s what I think - small tweaks to MM won’t make arena less frustrating. It would require much bigger and less settled playerbase to have opponents where to choose from. Or there could happen something that would equalise current players chances in arena like sudden change of meta and nerfing all tyrants which would force long time players to leveling up some other dinos (that won’t happen) or slow power creep - this one actually happens, but is a slow one to make a difference.