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High HP dinos and slowing

Why do all these high HP dinos have like 4 moves that all slow their opponent? Their weakness is speed that is what all the HP makes up for. I can understand 1 slowing move but basic attacks with slow really? Add a counter attack and that is 3 attacks in a row. Dodge gets nerfed for 3 blocks in a row but this gets added?

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Don’t forget they also hit like a marshmallow. High HP dinos aren’t exactly running things, maybe your vitriol is misplaced a bit. Control moves such as slow and distract are actually far less important to the game than they were intended to be and I think the changes such as slowing counter moves are an excellent move in the right direction as far as creating some strategy requirements for victory

Sounds like you ran into a Noodle Titan.


Ya, they don’t run things and something like indominous or thor works great. The problem does have more to do with the core mechanics of the game and the random team load out. If they game is going to have a dozen different type classes, battle with just four and not let you select your loadout. Then the classes don’t need to be in a rock-paper-scissors style that require unique counters. They need to be toned down. In this example, for several matches, I face High HP slowers and I was not given any of my good counters. I had a few glass cannons that with timing would have helped but not with a slowing move every turn. Honestly, I would be happy with a forfeit match button. Having to finish a match that is unwinable only makes things worse.

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I think Ardentismaxima could trade in Decelerating Strike for something else, maybe Ardonto’s definite strike, or Argentino’s pinning strike.