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High level accounts being forced to start at level 1

I have an account at level 14 that I put a lot of effort into. With this new update I try to battle and I am forced to start at level 1. I then need to go through a level 1 tutorial. After I need to go to the settings and login again into my level 14 account. I also did not receive my rewards for defeating the Boss with my team.

I had the same issue. I just restarted the game and it gave me the option to choose between both accounts and said it would delete the non chosen account.

Got back in no problems, but yea it gave me a mild heart attack lol

Welcome to the forums, @Tweetiebird! If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can look closely into this matter of not receiving the Boss rewards. Don’t forget to provide your support key as this helps the team locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!

Same problem I was level 10 and now I’m level 1… how I can have back my level 10 account?

Welcome to the forums, @Newyn. Our support team can be able to help restore your account. Please contact them at and don’t forget to include your support key. Thank you.