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High level dinos - intentionally losing

Does this happen more often than not when you get past Aviary? Just curious about others experiences… this guy or gal was only trophy level 5530 and this was his lineup… I know if I had this lineup I would be over 6000 easily:


Unless they didn’t apply any boosts

For the record… here’s my lineup and was shocked to paired up against him/her… my current trophy level is 5440… I didn’t stand a chance:

Trophy levels that are shown are their high point - the peak. So they do not reflect their current trophy level.

It seems that we are starting to see droppers again. As boosters become more egregious some people are choosing to drop down to lower levels to get incubators. So, this might be the issue you’re seeing. As @DaTank45 piinted out, they may not be boosted, which could also account for them having a lower trophy level.

I think that matchmaking may also be getting more loose. I have nothing to base this on except my own experience. It may be that, since there seem to be fewer people in arenas that perhaps Lydia loosened the restrictions on matchmaking. I too have had my team of 24/25 dinos pitted against 29/30 (boosted) teams. So that would make some sense.

Could be many reasons for such a team to be lower than you would think -

Such as

  1. Unboosted
  2. Tanked rating for whatever reason
  3. Bad matchmaking giving them losses
  4. A great hunter but not as great battle strategy
  5. Unlucky

They’ve done something to the matchmaking. Earlier today I was pitted against someone 1000 trophies higher than me. Yesterday was practicekat. I’m thinking why am I getting faced against these players. It started this week too.

Prior I never encountered any of the high ranking players even though my rank was still the same. This evening twice I met the same over powered dinos one battle after the next. A little later I saw the familiar avatar and as soon as the first dino trotted out I knew right away it was the same boosted to the moon and back team. I just closed the app and let them have the win. Not worth the stress.

For ludia claiming they were trying to balance the arenas and slow the end game down they did a really crappy job of accomplishing that task. We’re right back to where we were. No one wants to battle anymore so ludia opened the filters and now a larger base of us get clobbered by the whales just to appease a select few.


Adds more weight to my theory about the Mm geared to stress players into spending.

Strength based MM came out the DAY boosts wete added.
Losing streaks would appear to coincide with boost sales.
New MM this weak putting crazy teams and they just so happen to have had the longest running continuous boost sale in the games history.

Some may say paranoid, I say pattern.



I’m surprised you have as many trophies as you do honestly. My team is only marginally better than yours (can’t see your boosts of course) and my highest trophy count since 1.11 is 5493. But I’m back down to hovering around 5200-5300.

Anyway - teams like that are pretty common in library. Sometimes you beat them, don’t you?

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With this team, its mostly dependent on how many boosts they have applied. Unboosted or just normal (f2p) boosted then I really doubt that this team can stay above 6K trophies. Might possible reach that point if lucky.

My team with reasonably boosted is in better shape then this team but I still have highest in this season of 5950 or something.

Something changed in matchmaking recently, both my accounts can’t win for trying. Level 20 and level 9 accounts.

I’m with stiffeno, every now and then they set MM to stress you into paying to get a better team.

Maybe the OP is on the “shirts” team while I’m on the “skins” team this time. “Shirts = good RNG” “Skins = bad RNG”

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I also agree that something has changed with MM.

Suddenly, I’m finding myself matched up against people with level 29-30 dinos and I’m only at 5200-5300. Then after a nice losing streak, I go back to level 24-27 opponents until I crawl back up to where I was before. Rinse and repeat.

It’s either that or the trophies system is once again punishing people who should be allowed to climb higher, forcing players to remain in an area they don’t truly belong.


Not putting on my tin foil hat (okay, maybe I am), but matchmaking seems to have gotten worse just when boosts started appearing in the store on a daily basis.


The amount of money it costs to purchase in game cash to buy 100 boost points in one category (speed,health,attack) only to be able to go up only one tier for one dino is just not worth it.

Before the update to the boosting system, you got more for your money when you purchased boosts from the store… now it’s a rip off. Hence my stopping purchase of boosts.

Now… if I happen to hit powerball or mega millions… you better believe I’m boosting to the moon! Lol


Matchmaking might have changed because fewer people are participating in arena… there is that possibility.

Based on how many times my matches time out, I’m guessing there is an issue with participation.


It is possible that they have widened the range of ‘acceptable’ matches given the lack of players.


We’d never know, given the obscurity of trophy count. Haha… maybe by design.



And that they now show the ‘friendly’ teams. I like the tag line!


Maybe they’re unboosted, as others have said. Although hitting players a lot stronger than you happens commonly when you hit your peak score.