High level gameplay replays


Now that we have no more grinding bots for trophies in high level arena, i am super pleased to see videos from top players (much better than myself) being uploaded that shows gameplay against each other. Ill start this off and hopefully you all can keep it going -

@Legomin1314 @Marktheshark @Idgt902 @TheMaxx @MNBrian @Professaurus etc. Enjoy, learn and share - I did!!


Wow this guys are playing a totally different game. I couldn’t anticipate not even one of their moves

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I’ve got some more to upload soon, hopefully tonight. Just been busy lately and haven’t had a chance to edit them.


I have plenty to come. It’s nice to finally get some competition… Despite the prices the tournament is refreshing


Respect :fist:t4:

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That’s some intense battling. I only finished the 1st and 2nd vid, goin back later to watch the others… valuable learning material :ok_hand:t2:

Ggs man, you were totally in my head that third game. Also sorry my rng was really lucky :frowning:

Omg I battled you?!
I’m ashamed you had to see me like that… floundering lmao. Dropped 100+ rank in 10 minutes :sob:

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3x in a row lol. It’s ok man, you got me 3-1 that third time!!

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Awww dude, that was you?!? Those were my final 3 matches of this horrid night :joy:
Kicked my butt in the first 2 lmao. Tell me, did you IC w/Utarinex on my Tryo thinking I would swap??

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In the last match

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I did lol. You were in my head!

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I had no intention of swapping. I forgot where you were with cooldowns, forgot what you had (if I even knew in the first place) in the back, and was entirely prepared to lose.
That DSR was just a mindless button-mash :joy:

great vids but the first vid last match bothers me lol. shouldve crit hit with spinot instead of bleed.

Nice vids :sunglasses:. Im nowhere near that level, with my team of level 20 -25 dinos.

Was fun to watch the big boys throw down. :+1:

that 9450 crit from Erlid at 6:20 of the final vid is why i need Erlid now!!!

I think he went bleed because he anticipated me swapping. We play so much together that we all try to guess the opponents next move. Sometimes it doesn’t go our way


Impressive! I learned a lot. Thanks guys.

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Gameplay? You mean limited pressing of 2-3 buttons at any time underpinned with mountains and mountains of cash? The constant gushing and fawning over ‘top players’ here is sickening

There is a moment where top teams are all 29,30 and cash dont matter anymore, only skill and predict rival loves or rival swaps etc