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High level less common dinos


So yesterday I got paired with someone who had a level 30 Delta pretty cool. Few days ago I fought a level 30 Monolometrodon. I know someon has a 30 Majundasuchus. Anyone else had leveled uncommon dinos to extreme levels. (By uncommon I refer to dinos that you dont see on all the top teams)

If so, please share a pic I am facinated.


There’s a fair few around but my Suchotator is now L28 and on its way to L29

I ran into an L30 Monolometrodon too - nasty little ***

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Mine is a little higher! :smile:


I run into a Suchotator here and there. The Monolometrodon is a pain at lev 30 since it is 2-4 levels higher than most of my Dinos. I tried it in friendlies and at equal levels, it just doesn’t hit hard enough to be a huge threat.

Delta, well let’s just say it assured me a win when Tenonotrex walked on the battlefield. :slight_smile:


You just had to go all “mine is bigger than yours” didn’t you? :roll_eyes:


That Delta is my little lady! Compliments of a lot of hard work by Sand Dunes players! Did she treat you well?

So proud of her in combat, it brings tears to my eyes. :wink:


That you, Sylvanas?


Yes it is my friend.


So I had stopped battling to run a 24h incubator on Sat. Went from 194th to 228th in the span. I really wanted to stay in the top 250 to get the extra hard cash to buy rare scents.

First battle was against you, I won, jumped to 177th and took the rest of the evening off. She earned me 50k coins and 1400 Cash for staying in the top 250… I love your Delta :heart_eyes:

I have mine at 15 with almost 50k DNA. Would love to see her get a bit of a health buff so I could justify the coin to level her up. It was really cool to see her come out and take out my Indo (I think)


Lmao, yeah I lost 5 in a row on that run. Sometimes I would just get bad match ups for my Dinos. She was the one that put me back on a winning streak though. I was just looking for a little security to keep me in the top 250 and ended up dropping to around 290. I can never bring myself to camp. The “battle” button is crack to my fingers!!! Glad I was able to help you though!



There can be only one …


I’ve always battled until the end. Last time I finished 248th with minutes to spare. I was a wreck lol. This time it was Sunday evening and the tournament ended at 8am so I figured I would be battling 2-3 times more at most. Why risk 50K and 1400 cash for a few 3h incubators. I have been running rare scents to get Tenontosaurus and I will be able to get 7 rare scents with that cash. Far more valuable than the pittance we get from Incubators.

Ironically, Tenotorex secured the win. After Delta finished off my 2nd Dino with pounce I brought in Tenontorex and you had to impact and run… into Tryostronix. Poor thing ate a SS that Crit for 2583 damage. With Defense Shattering up next to for 3444 there was nothing you could do. Did sweat for a second when I saw Tryo knowing it was faster and Immune until I saw the gold animation for a timely crit. Sorry you had a rough streak but it was good timing for me. If I could donate you a rare scent I would.

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That was the 1st time I used Tryko. I just unlocked her and wanted to see how she performed for me. Swapped right into a crit. Well done! No need to feel bad, I’ve done the same to other players. Many fun and frustrating moments with this game.