High level match ups

How come I keep getting matched with players 300-400 trophies above my level…not really a level playing field that way
What is the cause of this mismatching??

I am currently looking into something regarding this. After your next battle could you check your listed trophy count and ranking as shown on the screen right after the battle, then see if all of that matches what is shown when you click through to the leaderboard? Also, the opponent trophies and how many were gained or lost would be helpful.

Trophy count before match: 3363
rewarded +34 for win
trophy count on both the screen after the match as my profile page: 3397
For some reason I can’t see my last opponents trophy count they all say 0 atm, strange that if and when I can see them again i’ll edit the post

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It seems I was over eager in complaining :sweat_smile:
Just noticed that the recent opponent list is not in order of last fights but order of trophy counts, so the matchups I am getting are correct I’m probably just bad at the game :joy:

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