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High Level Player In Sorna Marshes

Just encountered this person in low Sorna Marshes, the 7th arena in game (my position is about 3250 trophies), can someone please tell me if this is a dropper or not? I am greatly confused about this. Also a way to prevent droppers from dropping too far down into lower arenas is simply to give someone whose trophy numbers that has been dropped 500+ some easy-to-beat bots to at least give the person about 300+ trophies. Anyways, a thank you to whoever can answer my questions, thank you!

From what I understand, we get matched up with somebody within 200 trophy count of yours [in either direction] so that seems like a standard matchup.

That does look typical for Sorna Marshes in my experience. Nothing unusual.

Oh that’s nothing, wait till you see all max 30 team in library

Hilarious,i met a lvl 30 magna.

this is an average person on sorna.
I even met lvll 24 raptor in the fights.

Ok, thank you guys. Now I know what’s probably going on in Sorna Marshes.