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High level players and battle reward

Dear ludia !!! IF YOU INCREASING opponents lvl in battles for high lvl player (with high lvl dinosaurs) YOU HAVE TO INCREASE REWARD!!! This is no point for me to play high lvl battle, especially spend higher amounts of Dino baks to speed up waiting time - reward simply does not match it !!! If I speed up 3 dinosaurs by 300-400 Dino baks each and get golden reward of legendary (I don’t need) and some miserable amounts of food and coins = I would be in lose not getting reward but in fact lose my money


Just to reduce silly replay about my balance and my skills - this me on top of dominators…

I’ll keep monitoring this situation, as I planned my whole ferocity balance for the PvE’s, but rewards are lousy and I’m not going to spend DB’s for that.

I currently play on the Elite regular PvP wheel it has a 50% chance to get something nice and if you don’t mind video’s you’ve a second try. (a Lvl 40 Super Rare Meat shield and 2 x Lvl 40 Legendary enable you for the Elite wheel).
It’s a bit of a grind, but I get similar stuff (sometimes better) than for the PvE’s.

If they continue the PvE’s this way, I can also start messing with my ferocity lvl for the Jurassic’s again as I won’t play them any longer.


I do the same thing, with a few modded PvPs thrown in for the sDNA rewards. I probably hit the Golden Rewards pack in PvPs once a week or so, and I land on LPs enough to match what the lame PvE packs these days tend to give me… which a lot of times is just about the only benefit I get from most of the packs now that the DBs are gone.


What sense I even participate in this ? My highest herbivore on screen shot, bear in mind last part will be 3 herbivores VS 3 herbivores! Well I can win that spending 4-5 highest lvl mods , say 5 to be safe not loosing any battles it means it would cost me 1000 DB ! I will use at least 9 highest lvl dinosaurs during PVP tournament , speeding ups would cost enormous amount of DB ==== REWARD IS golden kit say 1000 DNA at the best and some food and coins - I don’t need , 1 legendary dinosaur (I have too many have no chance to hatch ) and loyalty points - all this definitely does not cost 1000DB

With a few clones and nullifies this is manageable, but you’re right no matter how you view it this one is not worth.


What is your highest dino of any class? The AI bases the difficulty in these on whatever your highest is I believe which can really burn you if you don’t keep your classes balanced in terms of their AFS.

Just an FYI I do remember the last round having a Toxin in it, which I did use a Nullify to deal with. But yeah…with the Golden Packs nerfed so badly I have no problem skipping events that would require me to spend ANY kind of valuable resource like a SR mod like Clone.