High Level Sanctuaries

Hi all.

Looking for some guidance in steering my alliance towards achieving a high level Sanctuary.
Any tips, hints or advice would be most welcome.
So far I’ve tried communicating to the alliance to focus on just one Sanctuary but they keep setting up new ones and throwing in all sorts of commons. I’ve asked them to request common DNA.

How have you managed a successful high level Sanctuary? Keen to hear.

Stay safe Dino hunters :slight_smile:

To get to level 20 sancs it helps to work with other alliances.
But to work with other alliances, you need members that listen to you.


You need to get everyone on the same page. In game chat isn’t enough.
We use discord.
Start with that. Get everyone on discord. Set rules.

We have high level sanctuaries, but it takes coordination, strategy and good communication, along with the help of other alliances.

As far as other people making their own sanctuary, that’s difficult to explain and have it register that working together provides more benefits than working for the individual.

Get them on discord. Have them vote what goes in to the sanctuary. Find who has the highest level boosted Dino, use that first and focus on the dinos that provide the most points.
Not the best end game strategy, but it’s a good start.


This might help get you started. As mentioned above, communication and getting everyone on the same page and in the same discord is usually key.

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Thanks all for the replies.
Very useful indeed :slight_smile:

There are a number of co-ops out there - ARK and BOB being the two that are always actively looking for new alliances. My alliance is in ARK1 and we always have 2 L20s - we created the last one in just over 9 hours. There are a number of ARKs suited to all levels of alliance from the hardcore to the casual - drop me a message if you want to know more.


There is no doubt that the creation of high level sanctuaries requires the input and coordination of more than one individual alliance.

By joining ARK I have seen amazing improvements for both my alliances (I have 2 accounts) and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Simply check it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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