High level stegacerotops or monostegotops?


This has been a toss up for me so I thought I’d ask the all-knowing forum for help. My stegoceratops is a level 19 and Mixed with a team of other level 18-20s. I love it’s delay and stunning combos but I’m short on Dino’s that can nullify (this seems to be essential nowadays). While I have a few “nullifiers” that I’m hoping to evelove/hybridize I don’t have any yet). Is it worth using up the stego-triceratops dna to get a mono and keep my stegaceratops at the level it’s currently at? I’ have a bit of monolophasaurus dna but haven’t evolved it yet to save up on the coins. Thanks guys/gals. …(any thoughts, comments on the team are also welcome!)


I softly and broadly asked this question before in “Level Up of Hybridize”, but got mixed answers. That was probably my inability to write the question properly.

I struggled with the same question and found getting the monostego to 17 has helped my team tremendously. I think it is a real life saver when you have no other nullifiers and its sitting on your bench when IRex comes in. I also swap out for monostego, let the Irex cloak, then you get to nullify with a 1.5x damage. usually doesn’t take the IRex down, but gets him to a 100-200 points for the next guy to clean up.


I like monotops, but when you’re facing hackers it doesn’t matter what you use.


I have monoestegiñotops at 24 and stegoceratop at 23, i think i will stopbof invesr coins on the epic version, cause im sure they will nerf it and i regret like they did whit piroraptor (who i leveled to 19 in the past) and v raptor(who i lvl to 24 in the past and now is useles)


i have an use both. i think stego is lvl 23 and mono is 20. if i find a monolophosaurus, i’ll level mono, until then i level stego


I had mt stegocera at max dna to get lvl 21 on him and opted to just dump all 1k dna into monosteg which is 19 now