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High leveled commons

This was a legit player, I’m pretty sure. Their name was administrator. And I just thought this monster was an interesting encounter up in the library. What high level common/rare creatures have you guys encountered?

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Interesting :thinking:.

I had wanted to do something similar with Lythronax but decided not to because I did not have the resources. :sweat:


I’ve seen a Velo boosted to all get out. lv 28.

@Wwwoodchuck has a 30 apato.

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I was hoping some would post a pic of it in battle! Like… devastating their Rat.

I don’t have rat and never battled you so don’t look at me :slight_smile:

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Met a level 30 miragaia. And it was boosted (boost 1.0) And I thot I should be able to get past this common creature.

It destroyed 2 of my dinos. And I lost the battle.

Moral of the story - Never underestimate your opponent. Even a common creature. But especially one at level 30 and boosted.

I never ran into a high leveled common that I can remember, but I do have a level 18 (might be 19 I have to check) Nundasuchus that I plan on getting to Lv 30 cause why not.

I have seen a level 28 Einosaur in Aviary.

Recently fought against a team which had a lvl30 miragaia in library. Was lucky my tyro was able to take it down without much trouble.
Sometimes also face high lvl Sarcorixis, highest was lvl28.

I remember in the first boost era coming up on a L30 allosaurus boosted like mad.

You can expect to see my baby in Library.


That’s bonkers! :scream:

You should of seen her during boosts 1.0. :smiley:

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Does this count as an encounter? :cowboy_hat_face:

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Personally I’ve been wanting to over level and boost the daylights out of Gorgosaurus because I think it’s one of the best looking dinos in the game.

I just can’t commit to using boosts on it lol

I respect anyone who can pull the trigger on commons and rares, I’m sure they enjoy it as well. The only 1.10 overleveled and boosted common I’ve seen so far was a L26 Miragaia with 140 something speed and a fair bit of damage boosts.


I used to use this one before I found a suitable replacement. During boosts 1.0 I think she was 5-5-something. Sometimes she was a beast, but she was always being bled, stunned and distracted so I’m glad I found something better.

When I had some extra coins a while back I maxed these two out also. If there’s ever a no-boost commons tournament I’ll use these and Allosaurus. Of course I’ll be hoping it’s rares and commons as I only have three maxed commons, and the tournament needs to be happening when the weather sucks as I’d much rather be outside hunting than stuck indoors fighting for hours.

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This is what I like about boosts though and what I think they should have been meant for in the first place.

Boosts should have been banned on Uniques (maybe even legendaries) for people to boost upepic, rare and commons to compete with Uniques and Legendaries. That way, the arenas are more diverse and people aren’t going through the motions of playing the same 4-8 dinos every battle.

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I would like this. If not banned on uniques, just a limited number. Would greatly diversify the arena.
We should be careful tho. There are some “problem” rares. i.e suchotator, diplotator, etc.

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