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High pounce

Okay this is short but make high pounce do less damage

Why though? There at least needs to be a reason(s) to back up almost every nerf statement


I totally agree with @Snake_Dude Just why? It’s completely fine, if it did less damage, it would make most of the creatures that have High Pounce useless. Besides, it’s not precise and only two creatures that have High Pounce are 100% distraction resistant. All it takes is a chomper or a tank to wipe it out.


Yeah, armor, shields, and resilient moves say hello lol

I cant see a single reason to have this move nerfed at all


Me too, velociraptor has worked just fine. Without high pounce, it’s useless

It’s more likely the case of the creatures with high pounce because it’s the same as any 2x damage move but with distraction, but the creatures with it tend to be fast with high attack.

I’m convinced this is a version 1.2 post that just took a really long time to upload :joy:


Plus, this goes against my cardinal rule of move rebalancing: if a move is balanced on some dinos but not others, it’s the dinos who are unbalanced, not the move itself. Not that I think High Pounce is ever too strong.


High pounce is useless against armor and shield. There is nothing wrong with it. I saw this and it reminded me of the nerf grypolith thread. It doesn’t need nerfed. It is any old 2× attack with distraction. Wait until you see devastation if you think pounce if bad

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What? What? WHAT? It’s a 2x damage move, and so it’s supposed to bring a lot of damage


Bro you need to understand this, it’s a one hit for some dinos

Why .wortwortwort

That probably isn’t a great reason to back the nerf statement up…

This really doesn’t say a whole lot, do you mean it one shots things during a cunning v cunning? Boost thing? Rng? Creature design(stats)? This isn’t really a valid reason to have this move nerfed especially since there are so many creatures that can crush anything with that move


Next how many times has your entire team been cheesed by a raptor? Me 9 times, and I have a team full of epics.

Okay, but what about your team composition? If you have been wiped by a high pouncer yet you have a team full of fierce or cunning dinosaurs, with barely any resilient creatures in there, then I’m sorry but that’s not really a good backup statement.
Also, high pouncers aren’t really much of a problem for me, sure I see the occasional high-level Velociraptor running around in the aviary, but it’s pretty easy to beat with my Mammotherium. They also have stat boosts.


If that’s the case, u may need to change your team to have more resilients, like @Random said. The pounce creatures are not a real problem with the other creatures in the meta


Love this, more of this!

0, 0 times. Use a resilient, those kill it really well!!!

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Or have armor creatures.

Yeah, resilients in general slaughter cunnings as they are the ones who have armor, shields, distraction cleanse and precise moves(resilient strike)

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