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High prize creature reward in the arena


I think the high prize creature also should be in the gold league or make the creature random in gold league reward it is really hard to stay in the last league and opposents are really tough and i can not stay much in the last league


Just gotta grind man to dominater league, if they gave away the best prize to gold league it would take away the whole part of it being an exclusive prize considering gold league isn’t very challenging to place into it would take away a competitive aspect of wanting to place into dominater league and get the tourney also do get an opportunity to win the prize in the prize wheel.


I would not be opposed to a single creature in the second place league with the unlock remaining in dominator.


Now i am gonna lose to get my fav snake…:disappointed:


Don’t get too concerned about it. It’s a prize literally for the top 1%.

All games, but especially freemium games, have to be played for fun. Games like this one give the temptation to get into an arms race; to keep up with the Joneses, to collect them all, and to spend loads of time and money to do so. Don’t give into that temptation.

I play for fun. I play a lot, but I don’t try to keep up with anybody or anything. We’ve talked elsewhere ad nauseum about how developing advanced dinos bites you in the butt because you get horrible PvE match-making. So why bother? I have 55 creature cards waiting for an open spot in my hatchery, most of them legendaries, because legendaries take so darn much time to hatch. Why should I get bent out of shape to spend loads and loads of time and money to unlock a Gigantophis that will take a week each to hatch and requires more and more loads of time and money to get enough DNA and dinobucks to hatch, and then I’ll just have to put something else in the repository because the flaming park limits how many of my hard-earned dinos I can have out at any time any way?

All this to say: resist the urge to fight the arms race. Just enjoy the game. Play for fun.

Probably way more than you wanted to hear. :slight_smile: I have a tendency to go into C-3PO mode and say more than anybody wants to hear.

Happy playing!

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1 hour left and 100 cups above 100 in dominater league, let’s pray I hold up.


Yes your right If atleast it had limit to use cash to speed up Dinos it would be much better and easier to reach last league