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High quality uniques don’t compare to apexes

The fact that even the best unique creatures in the game don’t compare to any apex is so unbalanced, uniques are almost harder to get so the should be close to apex creatures but you can’t even win in higher arenas without them.


Apex’s are actually more difficult,you’re gonna get 15 apex dna if you’re lvl 20 minimum. Uniques are just 4-5 weeks,meanwhile apexs may take months.

Take a look at the gorgotrebax,such a pain to fight,and almost nobody has it.

Morty is one of the easiest,so many people in aviary have them,Hadros is 4 rounds, Pretty hard,Cera is another easy one.

also,hadros and cera are one of the stronger apex.

Please think before you say something.

Indor > Morty
Djora > Gorgo.
Toven > Cera
Djora = Hadros(in most scenarios)
In the streams i saw on youtube,people counter the uniques with these.


Sorry, but Hadros Lux is 4 rounds. And Gorgotrebax. Morty is 2, and Cera is 3. Hopefully, Refrenatrem won’t be so freaking long and difficult like Gorgo.

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Oh,i got it wrong?My bad.

No need to be rude about it

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There is no scenario in which apexs are harder to get. Starting from 0 to level 26 takes a few weeks with an apex and a year for a unique.


You just said Uniques are harder to get but your evidence was that Apex Raids are easy except Gorgotrebax? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Since when a unique takes a year to reach level 26? The coins? It’d probably be 9-10 months,but definetly not a year!

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Did I ever say that uniques are harder to get? And apex raids sure are hard,and never did I say that apex raids are easy. I gave him an example of the easiest ones that are the easiest to unlock as well.

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I guess I overdid it with the think part. I made a mistake.

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I don’t know what game you’ve been playing but you almost never get 15 from a raid (20-25 90% of the time is the norm) every raid has strategies that are easy for most alliance members even low level players get carried easily and even if we use your number a unique takes 10 months to reach 26. It’s harder to get a unique from 26 to 30 than it is to get it to 26 in the mean time by the time you.have a unique to 26 your Apex is 28 or 29. I will say again, there is no scenario that getting apexs in harder


Unique Requirements:
Hunting & Darting (timely and no guarantees)
Leveling/Fusing Component Costs (Coin)
Fusion Costs (Coin)
Evolution Costs (Coin)
Exclusive DNA sometimes*
Dividing DNA with other Fusions sometimes*
Unlocks at level 21

Apex requirements:
Contributing Raid creature
Raid strategy & competent help
10-20 min of time once a week guaranteed
Evolution costs (Coin)
Unlocks at level 26

No, I can confidently say it’s harder to grind a Unique. Especially certain ones.


In fact, you actually benefit not only by getting a top tier creature at level 26, but that’s over 400,000 coins saved per team slot that you would’ve spent evolving a Unique to level 26


That’s the thing,to do an apex raid,it’s mostly lvl 26+. full unique team,that uses exclusives uniques.(mostly)

This one too, 1k coin for a pop is sometimes difficult.

Apex raids use Ardentis or Gem which both use an exclusive,But deeply think into it, Both uniques and apex are hard,and in your opinion,unique is harder to grind,however in my opinion,apexs are harder.
You also forgot to add the minimum weeks to unlock an apex. Meaning it’s either 12 weeks,or 15,depending on how much you get,you may also get a 50 off a raid if I remember correctly.
Also getting a unique to a lvl 30 is easier than getting an apex to lvl 30,mostly everyone has a lvl 30 in the top arenas,Meanwhile,nobody’s even got a lvl 30 mortem,which was the first apex.

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On average it takes 15 weeks to get an Apex to level 26, and if you do all the raids you can get 4 Apexes to level 26 in the same 15 weeks. After the addition of the two new ones it will be 6 Apexes to level 26 in 15 weeks.
Good luck trying to get that many Uniques to team level in that time (and team level for a Unique is higher because the Apexes are better).


You realize Mortem has only been around since like last October right? The games been around since 2018


Actually, that’s not true. I know of at least one player with a level 30 Mortem, there’s probably more.


Huh,never knew.

For real. There’s relatively new players that just got half a whole team this way, 3 of them not only being Meta relevant but Meta defining…


Yes i do,however if getting 300 dna is 15-12 weeks if you’re unlucky,it should be 5-4 weeks if you’re unlucky to get a lvl 27,and so on,if doing the same strategy is a win,then it should be relativly easy to get a lvl 30 with it being only 28 weeks to get an apex to lvl 30,if you’re lucky enough to get 25 every raid. Coins are a huge problem,but if you keep repeating you’d still get enough dna to get it leveled up. Coins are overtime.

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