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High requirement for Raids

no se si hay algun latino aqui,pero hay que ser claros en algo,esta actualizacion es la mejor,y a la vez la peor que has hecho ludia,en serio,entendemos que para derrotar a morthen tenemos que tener dinos de alto nivel,siquiera te detienes a pensar en los que no tenemos como subir nuestros dinos a niveles exorbitantes? si son para los que pagan el vip esta bien,te lo acepto,pero no todos tenemos los mismos recursos,no todos tenemos para subir los dinos y los demas dudo que lo tengan,nos dicen que recurramos a nuestrs alianzas,y eso es en lo que menos se recurre,querias reubicar y equilibrar el juego,a favor de quien? de los ricos? se que es para todos,pero mas pareciera que tus jefes van para puro jugador elite,que olvida que es divertire y solo juegan para ganar,para ellos hiciste los eventos? bien,quedate con ellos,un jugador menos ludia,espero no se arrepientan de lo que hicieron,y llamenme lloron si quieren,ahora eso ya no me importa.

Translated From Spanish

“I don’t know if there is any Latino here, but you have to be clear about something, this update is the best, and at the same time the worst that you have done ludia, seriously, we understand that to defeat Morthen we have to have high-level dinos, not even Do you stop to think about the ones we don’t have how to raise our dinos to exorbitant levels? If they are for those who pay the vip, that’s fine, I accept it, but not all of us have the same resources, not all of us have to upload the dinos and the others doubt that they have it, they tell us to resort to our alliances, and that’s in the least used, you wanted to relocate and balance the game, in whose favor? of the rich? I know it is for everyone, but it seems more that your bosses are for pure elite players, who forget that it is fun and only play to win, for them did you do the events? Well, stay with them, a player less ludia, I hope they do not regret what they did, and call me cry if you want, now that does not matter to me.”

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This also happened with old towers when boosts were still far from being added.

Some could beat golden towers,.others couldn’t.

Just play and work. want free DNA and coins just play another game. This is not for you.


I mean technically you do get free coins and DNA, if money is the currency you’re talking about.
It’s hard for new players to comprehend how easy it is to get High level Uniques. It just takes lots of time and dedication.

I suppose some have more patience than others.