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High staff turnover the reason?

Not saying this justifies anything, but could high staff turnover be causing all the bugs+new bugs? How I imagine is u are newly hired as programmer n face this backlog of bug issues to fix+adding+maintaining new features, how long wld it be b4 calling it quits n it becomes another person’s backlog? So it just pass on fr one to nxt, with the backlog not clearing due to turnover.
If this is really taking place, from a player’s angle, you just have to ask yourself wld you still want to play a game made by such a company? If ans is yes, just have to roll with it I guess. :man_shrugging:

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Fixed it for the most part. :smiley:


Little history lesson here, this game was originally began on a custom in house engine of Ludias making… halfway into the development of the game they switch to Unity. Switching engines mid cycle is normally a doa for game. Somehow Ludia managed to Launch the game in better shape then the last year one patch made the game.

A most backwards and impressive feat… and staff turnover is most likely a factor.


Haha thanks for the edits to make it more readable, typing on mobile keyboard has a way of making you use shorthand more often than not. :smile:

Interesting pt, what does doa mean btw?

I refuse to use shorthand even on my phone. Lol

Dead on arrival.

Medical based term.

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Lol respect!

Based on Glassdoor reviews, I’d say they are not errors, but designed to make the company money.

At least one employee of theirs stated the company is built on fueling casino style addictions, and the code is built to take advantage of that. “Predatory practice” was the term used, I believe.

The last few boost debacles cemented this belief for me.

High staff turnover is just the result of poor management using people…including customers.

Right thnks for the meaning :slight_smile: