High trophy people playing entry level dinos?


Hey everyone,

so i’ve run into a lot of matches where my opponent has played relatively low level dinos for what is meant to be a relatively competitive match…
for example, i’m between the 37-3900 trophy count after the tournament reset and most of mine are level 18-20 but these guys are throwing out levels 3-6.
Have they lost their previous lineup or Are they intentionally losing to drop down tiers to get different incubators (this seems like a Brobdingnagian waste of time IMO).

just wanted to hear some thoughts. thanks!


They’re dropping trophies.


I’m dropping trophies to move arenas to increase the chances of getting Irritator DNA.


i mean, dont get me wrong, i appreciate the win… but wont that take forever (losing battles, dropping down, winning battles, waiting hours for the incubator that gives you just a handful of dna) ?


I drop trophies last month and I was between 3000-3200. It only took me 3 days with the help of my nieces.


@arenitamorena hmmm… how many nieces?? :thinking:


I’m currently ranked in the top 50 at 4223 trophies but after endless battles with unranked cheaters I’m about to start the drop down to lower arenas because it’s getting sickening getting beat by cheaters. I’d rather play bots over those pathetic people.


Sometimes I change my team before playing strike event to make it harder, but then I forget this when I go for a PvP battle :smiley:


@Vantastic I hear you friend. I’ve been wavering in and out of the top 500 since tournament launch. Highest was top100 early on but this level sucks now. It’s just not fun anymore. I don’t want to win all of my games easily either (like many cheaters probably do) there’s no fun in that either. I do miss a competitive challenge tho. I would definitely consider dropping down for that reason, but for the random chance of hitting incubator DNA… not so much.


I’ve not been dropping necessarily, I’ve just decided to play dinos I don’t normally play and then losing as a result. I have to say, I’m having a lot more fun even though I don’t win as much. So far, I’ve played a team full of immune creatures and a croc team. Best moment was having my Gallimus single handedly take down an Indomninus :slight_smile:


Took me maybe only a few hours to drop from 3500 to 2100. Not a big problen just press auto attack while doing somwthing else. Now with low team its 50 /50 win to keep low trophies


I occasionally interchange out other lower dino’s just to see how they perform but as I get up higher in rank these little dino’s die fast. I want to see if it is worth all the coins to level up. So I sacrifice loosing to try things out. But after that string of losses, I have a wining streak being put up against easier teams.


5 nieces, 5-14yrs. Old


Auto attack? How do I do that?


I think u just let the game choose the attacks randomly by leaving unattended


Yea game chose 1e skill if you do nothing. What i meant is without too much attention i press the basic skill for my dino to attack with.


I did that a few days ago but not by choice! I took a long phone call! Apparently my opponent was doing the same thing!

After I finished the call it went back in and it was at the point where my dinosaur did it’s minimal move to win!


Yeah I’m pretty sure if you do nothing or lose connection the computer only does low attacks. I’ve noticed playing people that are stomping me out or at least giving me a run for my trophies all of a suddenly start burning up the whole clock each move and only using low hit attacks. I just figured they lost the connection for whatever reason.


I noticed you’re doing this too now. I was wondering if you got reset or something. You were the one friend on my list that was ahead of me in trophies, giving me a competitive spirit. I’m currently at 3895, starting to leave everyone in my dust.


Yup, they’re dropping down. Nothing new, but at least it’s less painful now that the bots are gone. Well, until you run into somebody who has no clue what to do and goes into a Switch-a-thon.