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Higher levels

I just did 29 battles, and only 6 of them were at my team lvl. The rest were all 3200 and above. How do you get past those higher levels to be able to move on to the next level. I’m a lvl 15 in the Sorna Marshes. It just seemed that no matter how I tried to put my team together, it just wouldn’t work. I need some help here. I know breeding better dinos is part of it, but so is leveling them up. Just seems to take forever to get the 40,000+ coins ya need to lvl one up. Am I doing something wrong?

It’s a grind. That’s just what the game is. Everything takes work.

Those at the top worked their behinds off to get where they are.


Are you spinning enough drops to max out everyday? Open a drop and click the small “i” in the circle to the far right on the line it says “SUPPLY DROP”. It is right above the flag icon. It will inform you how much you have left to collect for the cycle.

Between event drops (green ones), regular drops (orange ones), battles and donations, 40,000 coins should take two days. It will take more if you do not battle, donate or max out on collecting.


Another thing that just happened is a trophy reset. All players above XXXX trophy count were reset to XXXX. This reduced the amount available. The top players that lost the most have better teams than those on the bubble that lost nothing.

Trophies are a currency, in order for the top players to build back up their trophies, they are taken from those below. This filters down and down the ranks until we reach a sort of equilibrium/balance.

The ranks above you got dropped/lost trophies, now we are stealing yours… soon you’ll be stealing from those below you.

Wait it out or battle it out.

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