Higher ranked players being punished?


So I know Ludia still hasn’t admitted to having A.I. accounts but its obvious to any of us that make it in the top 500. I get it there is alot less people with high level dinos to battle but they need to revamp this aspect. Personally most of my dinos average around level 18 but yet I am always up against level 29 A.I. dinos that completely destroy everything I have. All Ludia needs to do is level it out so maybe your battling A.I. dinos that are only a few levels above your own and maybe when you battle A.I. you don’t rank up or down but just receive arena rewards. Just a thought but I can’t take much more of this unfair battling for being ranked above 500.


They do that to make you mad so you will spend money to get DNA to level up. All about the money!


I agree that there is alot of things that need to be fixed within the battle system.
#1. Some dinos need to looked into and fixed. The Raptor is the biggest one people complain about being OP. Now I dont think its OP if you know how to counter it, but perhaps the “Pounce” attack should have a 2 turn cool down.
#2. The so called “Opponents” should be chosen based upon players level. Theres no reason I should be pitted up against an Opponent with lvl 15+ dinos against my level 6-9 dinos.


It’s obviously some A.I. accounts joined pvp battle.
Take a look at top 100 or even top 10 players, there’s no one got average lv28~30 team set.

These bots are just designed to destroy your dinos. I’ve never expect I could defeat them.