Higher rarity strikes

Dear ludia,
This is just a suggestion but please consider giving us higher rarity strikes. Like a legendary strike that gives us legendary DNA. Or maybe other themed strikes like a common theme rare theme and legendary theme throughout the week just like the friday theme.


I’d like to see challenging strikes back, which is something that has died since boosts appeared… But I guess that seems to be an unpopular opinion… Most people just want easy DNA.


Strike events that give legendary DNA? We’re gonna have to face high level legendaries to get legendary DNA…

Higher rarity strikes could have boosted creatures like the AI’s.

I would so be in for more difficult strikes. But that would be pretty unfair to people who are just beginning. Maybe like 1 or 2 strikes at the end of the week meant just for higher up people with legendaries or uniques every week

Maybe they could add an option to do the strike tower as it is or try a harder version of it, if you beat the harder one you would get better rewards?

Working to beat the level 30 towers was something I would work toward. I’m able to beat most level 30 towers with my 2nd accounts level 20-21 creatures unboosted.