Highest Armor Theme Team

For the next couple days, I’m going for the highest armored team I could put together.
So I have both turtles even though one is only level 17 at this point and the rest mostly 40% with the exception of Tryko at 30%.

I’ll see how this team pans out.

My Team 20200301


Lol I can tell you the noodle will serve you well

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I managed to push my Carbotoceratops to level 18. This team did OK and held its own but creatures with bypassing armor would kill me. These guys did well against anything that didn’t have the bypassing armor such as procerats. Smilonemys was a big factor in some wins and then Tryko.
My Team 20200303


Triple turtle, oh man. Your opponent better draw four chompers.

I am a Gigaspikasaur user as well.:relaxed: