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Highest Coin % Booster


I have a level 40 Stegoceratops which is a lot higher coin earnings than everything else I have so curious who has the best single % on a dinosaur. I’m at 607%. I found it fun organizing to get the best coin rate for that and next high earners.


I think my theoretical limit is around 883% currently which would be 40 (16% x 4 square reach) clock towers, 31 (7% x 6 Square Reach) John Hammond Memorials, 1 (10% x 6 Square Reach) Jurassic Park T.Rex Statue, and 2 (7% x 7 Square reach) Phoenix 44 Statue.

If you had unlimited Jurassic Park T.Rex Statues and Phoenix 44 Statues you could reach 1152%, but you would need 32 T.Rex Statues and 24 Phoenix 44 Statues to do that.


Ya, based on what I have available I am using park oasis, John Hammond and one Phoenix 44. May work up to the others someday.