HIghest Trophy Count for Tournament - Irrelevant

So our highest trophy count is used for the Leaderboard because, you know, everyone noticed that they would have a better ranking that way.

But everyone gets to use their highest count. Complaints accepted by Ludia but really change nothing.

Complainers win again but really lose

I was also confused, so which one is used for the rewards highest or current?

Prizes will be based on the highest score that you have achieved during the Season, rather than your end of Season current score.

Once your trophy count has been adjusted, your high score matches your (new) current score.

Alright Thanks :smile:
Good new for me then

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It let’s players do daily battles confident they won’t lose a prize they could by stopping.

I think its a good system.

By having more stable scores also let’s them give you rank over more than 500 which is at least interesting to nosey people like me.

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It’s just you and this table (just make sure when you hit your mark, screenshot it in the event you were awarded anything less):

It’s only pyroraptor. Unless Irritator stops being Arena. Dimetrodon goes global. Magna is unnerfed what does it matter.

I ignore them mostly.

Lol, it’s just a gauge what you can do with the current system and boosts you have gained thus far…what if next season it’s something you like…lol. I take this first season as a trial run if you will. I’m a bit sad there is no coins/cash with seasons now but I guess that’s what the tournaments are for. It just adds more elements to the game which I can’t complain.

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I kinda like the premise. This way, if I want to experiment with my team, I can do so knowing my rewards will stay the same.