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Highlighting the Issue with Gold

So I went and tallied up all my upgrades (xp) that are waiting for Gold;

		XP	Gold
Naomlen (9)	16,000	$6,475
Raika (9)	11,950	$4,550
Farideh (9)	6,000	$2,500
Halbenet (10)	18,500	$7,650
Shevarith (10)	6,500	$2,975
Saarvin (10)	14,750	$5,800
Tommus (10)	6,000	$2,800
Total 		79,700	$32,750

I currently have 2500 gold. I need over 10 times that to upgrade my current abilities, which will not give me any levels even. I’m getting close to Level 10 for Farideh but I still need need 4K after upgrading what I currently have. I also don’t like to spend all my gold, as I’ve seen epics in the store back to back for 1000 each, and that’s mostly the only way to get them with any regularity (that doesn’t cost MORE gold)

I have noticed that the Quests from Laeral are giving more gold lately, although that could just be random. But if the rewards have increased, 250 compared to 400 once a day is still just a drop in the bucket. Upgrading cards really needs to drop in price, even if it dropped to 1/10 of the cost, I would still not be able to do them all.

The gold economy is so messed up in the game right now, challenges and upgrading cards should be free or vastly reduced in price. I haven’t even mentioned the price of actually going up a level!! The next level for each character is going to cost $20,300, and that’s after another $50,000 or so worth of upgrades, probably more, I’m being conservative in my estimate. So another level for everyone in my party is going to cost roughly about $100,000, about 40 dollars worth if I bought it, and that’s not counting the cards I will have to collect. Now I don’t mind spending money on a mobile title, but if I bought the gems to buy gold, I’d be back in this position in another month or two. Spending money should help speed up the game, it shouldn’t be the only way to play.


Spending money on mobile games is what has created games like this.

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