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Highlights from 2019!

What are some of your Jurassic World The Game highlights from 2019?!

Here are some of mine:
This morning I achieved this:

I’ve been working on it for agesssss.

Got her…was trying to get this one for a long time.

Obviously this… Epic moment for me.

I grinded hardddd to get this one. I really wanted the hybrid so I was happy about this finish. I still don’t have the hybrid though. Lolll

Only fitting that Trexy be the first to explore new land.

Finally maxed out the DNA Production Facility

This one was from Jan. My grandmother was in the hospital…I would sit there and play while she slept.
Archelon hatched on the day grans passed away.

Im not going to lie, 2019 was a rough one for me. As always, this game is my chance to get my mind off of things and have some fun. Anddd I definitely needed that this year.

Much appreciation to this forum! Between the spreadsheets, predictions, stats, tips/tricks…my game has elevated. Even the non game stuff…y’all are a humorous bunch of people! Thank you!!

Share some of your 2019 highlights!!!

Happy New Year to everyone on the forum. Blessings for 2020. Stay safe tonight.


Hope 2020 brings you more fortune!!

For me was 2019 the year where I learned about this game… My son started it on his Ipad, and Dad got intrigued by it… Soon surpassing his son with enthousiasm… Looking forward to 2020, i am hoping to get in dominator for the first time, and welcome a new powerfull dino to my collection!


Happy new year to everyone and all the best for 2020.
In the game and in real life…yes there is a real life.:fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


I also started playing the game this year, and yes, it was a very rough year for me. My health was so bad at the beginning of the year, I was on a feeding tube and completely homebound. I ended up in the hospital I think a total of 7 times… and 7 different surgical procedures. Still, better than last year when I was in the hospital for 5 weeks including during the disastrous hurricane that hit my state and wondering if I would even have a home to come back to! And other than some pain in my right hip and leg that the doctors can’t seem to figure out, I’m finishing the year healthier than I’ve been in a VERY long time. Also lost both my father and my very special cat Remy this year, so this game has definitely been my distraction when real life was too painful to think about.

Milestones for me were getting my Dominator finish, getting my level 40 T-Rex, making my first hybrid, and then my first s-hybrid (Diplosuchus, still love every additional one I get!), then my first tournament hybrid. Learning battle strategy to where I can successfully win the majority of my matches was a big milestone for me, as I am a terrible loser (there was a lot of throwing and breaking things in those early days… and I still don’t take losses very well!) Conquering the Code 19’s (okay, I’m still working on that, but at least I almost always get the sDNA at least!), my first time finishing at the top of Dominator, and most recently, filling my first paddock. I’ve got a long way to go to clear my market, but recently at least I have days with no commons and rares pending, so that’s a start at least!


Thank you for opening your heart to us @Mary_Jo . I feel so sorry for all the difficulties you had this year . I can definitely see how good this game does to you .
Although my personal life wasn’t so agitated , my game - life had many highlights. One of them was making my first legendary hybrid to level 31 and then my first tournament hybrid . An other one , was fighting and finishing at dominator leage for first time . During last years, I had never tried so hard for tournaments . An final important moment for me was getting Diplosuchus , my currently favourite creature in the game!

I admit that I have made some really bad decisions this year (especially by selling some dinosaurs) , but in the end they made me more mature in the way I play the game and I am stronger than ever . I can’t wait to see what I will do during 2020 !


#1 Would be joining this forum.

Also finally beginning my participation in tournaments and actually winning them and doing increasingly well has been an enjoyable adventure.

Coming back to the game after being away awhile was also a great highlight. It has brought me much joy in a time where I greatly needed it and been quite a blessing.

Seeing the joy it brings others is wonderful also.


I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time this year @Mary_Jo, but I’m glad to hear it’s improved so much for you. Part of the reason I went into medicine was to see people reach this point where their quality of life has improved so much! You and so many of the others on here seem like such nice people, we hate seeing you go through so much. Cheers to another year of JW:TG! :clinking_glasses:

I would say my big moment this year was refining my lineup after all the changes. I’m finally happy with it


@Mary_Jo is a trooper. I’ve caught glimpses of her year and I knew it was a rough one. Also gave me some hope!

No better feeling than overcoming these hurdles that life throws …Emerging triumphant.

Making progress in the game and real life.

@Belboxtel. I hope one day my kid loves dinosaurs. I think it’s cool that some members play along side their kids. I used to play Jurassic Park Builder with my sister and we had a blast.

@G-ReptilianFoot the feeling of making it through a tournament in Dominator is amazing… especially after trying and trying for months.

Next thing I am working on is making level 40 hybrids of everything up to super rare. I just realized yesterday that in my years of playing I never created a level 40 pelicanipterxy. It’s pretty good for a common hybrid!


I’m so glad that I found this game and I’m even more glad that I found this forum with so many nice and friendly people around.
Thanks to all of you.:heart:


I downloaded this game for my grandson and decided to keep up his park until he visited again. Needless to say, it’s my park now. I started earlier this year. I finish comfortably in Dominator now and have a decent line-up. This happened today:

Happy New Year!


I feel the same @Tommi. Some days you guys are the only people I interact with and it is really nice to feel accepted here


Thanks for all the nice words of encouragement! One great thing about going through some of the challenges I’ve had is you appreciate the good times all the more. And I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one. :smiley:
This forum has been a big support for me too, and I don’t think I’d still be playing the game if not for the camaraderie found here.


It’s official so…


Just thought I would echo the comments here that joining this forum was definitely one of my highlights from this last year. Even after having played so long, I have learned a ton. And I look forward to seeing what is going on in everyone else’s game. It’s fun to learn from people more advanced than me (or at the very least much smarter and more clever!) as well as vicariously re-living the enjoyment of the game as people grow their dinos and parks! So thank you to everyone here as well as Ludia for providing such a welcome distraction from day-to-day life! Happy New Year and Decade everyone!!