Highly active casual players looking for a home

We are a group of 3 close friends looking to find a very active but casual alliance to continue to grow and help where able.

We all enjoy seperate aspects of the game, and are all fairly new. I am returning from a multi-year hiatus, so everything looks new to me, and my friends have joined me a few weeks ago. Our levels are 13, 9 and 7.

We hopped into the first alliance with open invites and unfortunately most are inactive. There is no participation in tourneys, weekly incubaters are raised to 5 or 6 at best and dominated with our names, no one seems to understand sancuaries, and donating is minimal outside of us helping eachother. Raids? Let’s not go into how awful that experience has been.

We wish to grow, but need an active, fun, and helpful alliance to make that happen. However, we are new, and have varying degrees of focus in the game. I love collecting and all pve content. Would love to destroy raids and am by far the most active, althpugh I do the bare minimum in pvp content. My friend, he loves each aspect, and would do great in pvp had he a more developed team to do well with. And my gf, well, very casual. Likes pve, doesnt touch pvp, and while a daily player, doesnt have the time to invest to blow through the early game.

Understandably, we’d each do best in different alliances, but where’s the fun if you can’t stick with your friends and spend time with your loved one? So, it’s a package deal. We are comfortable talking in game or me and my buddy in Discord.

I feel any standard alliance rules I’ve seen from others would be followed, with exception of one of us not participating in tourneys, and myself begrudgingly complying most weeks.

Any hope out there or are we stuck making our own alliance or staying in what essentially feels like the worst case scenario?


Hello! I am level 11 and do not have an alliance of my own, but I would be glad to join you and your friends in-game. Please reply if you would like my player number to friend me.

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We are each now in an Alliance named Roarsome and I think they would be happy to have you as well. Look for them in game and if you have any difficulty let me know. I’ll give the heads up to look for your name.

The alliance has been great. We are all a bumch of casual try-hards, if that makes sence. We don’t like to say we are hardcore and don’t pressure anyone to contribute more than they can…but we sure push ourselves as hard as we can and have been doing well with alliance goals.

Hope to see you soon!!

I have requested to join. My player name is also DevaDrawsStuff. Maybe we could even do a raid later!

Hi. Have you guys managed to find an alliance. I am from the Tyrant Predatorz. We started a third alliance last week and we hit 6/7 with a partial squad as we were on the hunt for additional players.

We could get all three of you in but would require you all had discord so we can communicate with you.

Hi DeanMachine,

As stated above, we all got into a cool little alliance called Roarsome. Half full we are pulling the same 6/7 and doing fairly well in tournaments.

I think it would be remarkable if we could find a good way to combine forces. Let’s try to get leadership of both talking on Discord, set any alliance ownership ego aside and kick some booty in this game with a nice full guild of actives!

I’ll figure out how to get you my Discord name in a PM here so we can get the ball rolling.