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Hijacking our alliance - Alliance Management improvement for Leaders

I would like to suggest the followings to improve the management efficiency of our alliances:

  1. Weekly donation information shown on the member list - Leaders can better justisfy the donation performance among members and encourage members to donate proactively.

  2. The authority of final acceptance of invitation should be only on alliance leaders - Right now, all incoming joining requests must be approved by leaders. At the same time, members can also initiate invitations to anyone. Once the prospected player accepted this invitation, he will be added to the alliance automatically but this is a situation. Here is a real case, there is a person who has two or more ghost accounts those are not actively played, they just keep posting donation requests, collecting alliance rewards, and send collected DNAs to the other ghost accounts. They do not make any contribution to the alliance. Due to the poor performance, the leader kick them out, they are added back to the alliance by someone in the alliance, maybe their friends or other ghost accounts in the alliance. They just by-pass the leader and it seems like an infinity loop and they are hijacking the alliance. Therefore, I suggest that all member initiated invitations, once they are accepted by the prospected players, the leader has to make the final decision on the application.

  3. The information of invitation initiator - as the extension of the previous issue, the information of the invitation initiator should also be shown.

I hope Ludia can take these ideas and show them on the latest update.

I can no longer see who’s been donating dna to my requests. Is this a new update?