Hilarious victory!


I’ve just won over a battle which the opponent would have rekted my team completely if he didn’t just do a rage quiting :joy::joy:

I have;
L26 Stegodeus [1st Dino]
L16 Diloranosaurus
L16 Rajakylosaur
L18 Tryostronix

and he got;
L24 Indoraptor
L23 Trykosaur
L23 Tuoramoloch

Yup, Stegodeus was my first Dino vs Indoraptor; I was still getting nervous after L30 Indoraptor Strike Event so I tried to kill it as fast as possible

//Insert an aggressive play

  • Evasive Stance vs Thagomizer = hit Indo in the face!
  • Evasive Mode vs APR = Kill the beast to the ground! [Hell yeah moment]

from this point, I thought an opponent had already quited the battle because he let me waiting the next dino full time, the thing that shocked me were Unique Units he had after that, L23 Trykosaur? wtf? that beast could kill my Stegodeus without any effort, but well, guess he’d already quited which still made me nervous all the time until the battle was over. [Stegodeus fainted after almost beat Tuoramoloch, the last one]

if he were still be there after Indoraptor got killed, he’d kill Stegodeus and rekt my team completely with only that Tryko.

Moral of the story?

Never give up until you see the second dino :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha, that is hilarious!

I’ve had opponents that kept swapping their dinos out. I’ve done a lot of damage to their first, they swap it out, I get two hits on it before killing my raptor. Take out my second dino, finish off their second one, they take out a third, do some damage to my second dino, swap it out when it gets low, I do some damage to the third, they swap it out again with another full hp one. They manage to kill my second one. I bring out another one. They swap out that one for another low hp one after damaging it. I’m like “dude…you are allowing me to hit your creatures twice…you don’t have fast creatures to hit me once after I hit you…”

It’s happened a few times. I’ve also done that with one person that kept doing that but the thing is…I still had my Utahraptor that one time, I knew I could finish off all his dinos but he had slower dinos than the Utahraptor and his Velociraptor was already dead…So rip him. lol When I knew all of his dinos were low hp, and I mean…all of the 3 that were still alive, I allow him to kill the dino I have out and took out Utahraptor and finished off his dinos with the Utahraptor, who wasn’t looking too good herself, one hit and she would be dead but since she was faster than his dinos, she took them all out since they were so low. LOL


Happened quite a lot lately it seems. I think it’s more likly the game just quit on your opponent. Happened a few time like this to me also.