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Hilfe Account weg//Help account gone

Ich brauche Hilfe. Der Spielstand von meinem 8 jährigen Sohn ist weg. Er war in Level 36. Wir haben den Support Key nicht und wissen nicht weiter. Hier fließen die Tränen.

Translated from German

I need help. My 8 year old son’s score is gone. He was at level 36. We don’t have the support key and don’t know what to do next. Here the tears flow.

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Was it connected to facebook??

No. My son don’t have Facebook. He loaded de game by Amazon with my account.

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I am sorry, but the only thing I can do is ask you to contact

It might help you.

Sorry my english is not so good. Do you mean I should contact de support? Thanks for your help

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I don’t think it will work. He said he didn’t have the support key…

Yep, but like @Indoraptor08 said without a support key it could be difficult
Is your son game just disappeared or is can you still open it because the support key is on the down left or right corner of the welcome screen.
Also is the device your son is using under ios 13

Hi Sabrina_Kreutzer. As mentioned here, I recommend emailing our team at with as much account information as you can and they will try their best to help out!

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No he can’t open his game. When he start de game it will beginn at the first level with a new support key :frowning:

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I am so sorry
My game did this one time and I did not got my account back, I am sorry.


How could you no longer play?
Did you uninstall the game?
If you were logged in with Google Play Games you should automatically save your data once you log in with that!

My son didn’t have Google play.

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This is a problem, I’m sorry but I don’t see any other solution!
Fortunately, level 36 can be reached after only one month, so come on and have courage for your child!

Thank you for help

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On the new account, write the new support key somewhere, just in case it happens again!

Good idea @Tommy_Paoli

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Did you make any Real Money purchases, including VIP or Fidelity subscriptions? That may help find the old account

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Right, because I didn’t think about it!

No we haven’t pay with real money. Of course we note de new Support key Immediately. Thank you all for helping us

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