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Hillary and Rodney

This is a story about a man named Rodney. Rodney is a mentally learning disabled man. But he has a heart of gold. He has been bullied through high school. Then Rodney graduated high school. Then he started working at a job training place. Then he met a woman named Hillary. She has a great heart. Hillary is a staff member at the job training place. Rodney is a client at the job training place. Hillary likes Rodney. RodFney likes her to. Hillary has a hot outfit she has a pink skirt and flower button down blouse and a white button down vest with big glossy white buttons. The vest shows Hillary’s belly. Even though she is slim. That turned Rodney on. Rodeny told himself to stay calm and keep cool. Then Rodney got a job at a grocery store of bagging groceries. Rodney lasted a year there. He wound up wanting to quit. Because the managers and associates were bullies at him. His job coach won’t let him. She hurrased him. So he had to get a restraining order against her. Rodney got his restraining order against his job çoach and got him a new job. Rodney was happy. Then Hillary came to see him. She didn’t like the way the job coach treated Rodney. She felt bad for Rodney. She saw Rodney and the hooked up then started getting married. Hillary still had that pink skirt and that flower button down blouse and that white button down vest with them big white glossy buttons. That turned Rodney on. Then Rodney was happy.

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