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Hints Related to Buildings Missions, ergh

A few tips from a pro nub

There are missions in the game related to buildings and they can be quite annoying, unnecessarily so.
So here is a few hints for newish players as a means of a painkiller.

  1. Buildings provide irrelevant amounts of coins. The best building for coins is Coffee Shop when you consider coins per hour and size.
    However 4 of these take up a whole small paddock and provide 3.4k per hour. Which is easily beaten by many level 10 dinos.
    And if you start talking about top earners, the Coffee Shop runs away crying.
  2. The game makes us have these nearly useless things by virtue of missions.
    These come in 4 varieties, of varying level of annoyance. If you want to mitigate that, you need to look ahead using the spreadsheet.
  3. The first type of these missions is Have X of building Y.
    There is not much to say here except, look ahead and build the darn things, so they do not delay you. My favorite is 10 hologram museums. The last such mission is to have 100 buildings of any type.
  4. Second type is Buy and place X number of buildings Y.
    If you already have these, you can put them in the market and place them back and that counts. But you have to have the required number.
    Also just buying does not work, you have to wait for it to finish building.
  5. Third type is Collect X coins from building Y.
    All coins from this type of building count, not just 1 building. The last one is collect from 100 buildings.
  6. And my favorite Collect X million coins from buildings.
    These can only be mitigated by placing Coffee Shops into your coin grid instead of the dinos and taking a hit temporarily but getting over this nonsense quicker. Works for number 5 as well.
  7. There are many huge utterly disgusting buildings that you should not keep, except some of them are required for missions. You can find that out from the sheet and as soon as you don’t need them anymore, sayonara.
  8. VIP buildings are not as good as Coffee Shops, but they are often free. There are no missions for these, and they have excellent long timers. I keep them for those get X millions missions. I stop collecting from them when I see one of those coming. Helps a little.
  9. Once you are done with have 100 buildings or collect from 100 buildings missions. Tear it all down. By that point you are likely to have more dinos then necessary to cover both islands with coin grids.

That is if they want to, who knows, they might need buildings

Esthetically some are quite nice. I like the windmills.