History of Jurassic World: The Game kings

2015: Indominus rex, Ankylodocus, Suchoripterus, Koolasaurus
2016: Priotrodon, Wuerhosaurus, Pterodustro, Gorgosuchus
2017: Yudon, Segnosuchus, Metriaphodon, Gorgosuchus
2018: Indoraptor, Segnosuchus, Metriaphodon, Gorgosuchus
2019: Same
2020: Indoraptor Gen 2, Armormata, Metriaphodon, Gorgosuchus
2021: Nothing New :confused:

2022: Yudotosaurus (Yudon + Cerato S-DNA)

Is this real?

nah, no it isn’t

Just a thought

2022: new tyrant amphibian hybrid (hopefully)
Besides we need a new legendary s hybrid that isn’t indoraptor

Its either a S-Hybrid of Ostapo and Super Kool or a Hybrid of Kapro Gen 2 and the Limited Amphi



Each class.

Oh now I know what you mean

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2021,dilophoboa,dracoceratops and Scorpios rex


wait wait I don’t think I understood

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ah, I think I understood, so this year we had dracoceratops as a strong herb, and iguanosuchus as a strong amphibious… ah yes, it’s a herbivore


He is listing the very best in class for each year. Just the #1 spot. No ceno or aqua.

Yes we got new creatures but they did not take over any of the #1 positions



Also scorpius has overtaken other tournament carnivores in terms of attack.

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Ferocity is what I mean.