Hit 200’s w/ a weak team


It can be done. Stay positive folks!


My personal endgame is literally just obtaining Erlidominus. Can someone please explain how I’ve been playing for 5 weeks and still haven’t seen a single Erlikosaurus??


Local 2 Epic spawn rate is 0.005%.

Therefore every 20,000th local area spawn should be an Epic. There are 3 Epics that can spawn there though so maybe every 60,000th (on average) local area spawn should be an Erlikosaurus…?

If I’ve got my maths wrong please correct me though!


I need Erlidominus badly too. :joy::joy::joy:

We need lv20 Erlikosaurus, plus each fuse costs an INSANE amount of 200 DNA, so 2000 - 2500 extra Erliko’s DNA might be required to create him.