Hit a brick wall. Unsure what’s next

Hey there! Just looking for some recommendations. I have quite a bit of resources available at the moment (quit battling and just collected some things over the last few months, life hit pretty hard so I didn’t care much about the game.)
Recently I’ve been playing more and more. Don’t really know what my next steps are in a ferocity jump. I want to have enough Dino’s to participate in tournaments still.
What is your advice for my situation. Here’s my Jurassic lineup. I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. The game gets boring once you don’t have a direction anymore.


Looks like you are lacking any significant amount if any of tournament hybrids. At a certain point the only goal left in the game is collecting. This is the really only long term goal of the game as you have already figured out you can complete everything the game offers with a roster of Dinosaurs far below lvl 40 tournament hybrids. As you increase your collection the game becomes harder and harder and requires more balance and patience to your approach, but that is the price you end up paying for collecting all creatures at lvl 40.

Again the only purpose of this is collecting as it is not required to actually fully enjoy the games events. Until Ludia decides to actually reward their long term players with an event/s that cater to those of us that have highly evolved rosters, the only reason for this raise in ferocity is personal collection goals.


I agree with @Sionsith and I think that maybe you should consider fusing your creatures. You should also keep working on your carnivores and herbivores witch shouldn’t be so hard. Other than that I think you are fine.


Awesome, thank you guys. Really appreciate it. I’ll keep on the grind!

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What about the story missions?

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This is where I’m at. I have a lvl30 diplo. Can’t find where exactly I am so it’s hard to plan ahead for story missions.

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Can somebody give a link to the dino data spreadsheet? I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know if all story missions are updated, but I guess many are still valid. This is something of the best that exists on this forum. Thank you @Mary_Jo

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It looks like you are on Episode 38, Chapter 3. There is a Story Mission tab on the Spreadsheet. There have been changes since we pulled the Missions. Any help documenting those changes such as the screenshot above would be appreciated

Too many Vips LvL 11, push them to LvL 20. Start fusing the others to that ferocity. Indominus, ostapos, diplos.

Thats why I hate concept of “line up”

That’s not a good idea. Diplos are already at the front of his lineup and the VIPs will be too good at lvl 20

What about starting to push the ferocity level to lvl 10 diplosuchus (that is a very small leap)? And then continue a little more slowly to lvl 20 VIP? Sure, if you want a little more excitement in daily life, making PvE more challenging, push the ferocity faster.

He has a Lot LvL 11, it’s not just one dino, he can jump to LvL 20 Vip ferocity pretty easy.


Just counted 24 LvL 11 Vips.