Hit and run needs to be random again; Swap in dodge needs to be 100%

Hit and run moves need to go to a random dino again. Too often people let one dino die so they can rampage and run into DC giving the double whammy. With the ubiquitous nature of erlidom, diloraoch, utarinex, and DC, the random aspect needs to be revived.

Swap in dodge should be 100%. The 66/33 baloney was introduced to help curb RNG in the arena. Swap in dodge is not reliant on RNG. It works. Period. It should not be subject to the stupid 33%.

Can you tell I’ve been battling all night? lol


Hit and run used to be random? Don’t remember that

He mean, that dino that used run move, runned into random of 3 remain dinos, not next in lineup.


Yes, that is correct. In the past when you used hit and run you did not go to the next dino to the right. It was random. From 1.4.11 patch notes -

Auto-Swap (Strike/Impact and Run)
Abilities that auto-swap will now auto-swap to the next non-defeated creature instead of a random non-defeated creature . This means that you have knowledge of what the next creature will be when you use auto-swap abilities.

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This is also one of the reasons why rat is so rampant in arena because it synergizes well with many of the hit and runners like Erlidom and Spitter as you mentioned.

I actually agree the swap in dodge should be 100% again, but ONLY the swap in one, not the evasive stance, which I think should be reworked to reflect the “dodged” damage back at the enemy!

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Hit & run could be still guaranteed swap into next dino, but just nerf Draco series to SWAP IN IMPACT…

Hit and run should not be random. Your issue is with the rat and swap in rampage. Hit and run into swap in moves or counter attacker’s is great it should not be random that was a huge improvement they made many patches ago. If you want to complain about the rat I got you filly agree but hit and run should not be random. Don’t need more RNG again unless it’s for speed ties.


I agree, I also like how it swaps to the next dinosaur in the list. Like if you had an Indom or some big hitter cloaked, you could hit and run into something with swap in invincibility, which is nice.

So first people wanted to get rid of rng so they nerf dodge, now you want it back with hit and run being random.

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Off all Rng related issues, dodge was never one of them…

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Monomimus doesn’t agree :stuck_out_tongue:


Disagree with the random swap - its a useful strategy particularly in strike towers (before boosts made them a cakewalk) where you can pick your order. Its also a rat users weakness especially if they have a lot of hit and runners - they are often denied the option of a killer hit and run move as the rat will just be stood there with its pants down - personally I find it is a hinderence more often than it is a help - although a hit and run into a strike that works is a thing of beauty regardless of the creature.

Agree that swap in dodge should be 100% - definitive swap in dodge? I also think the same should apply to swap in stun which is even more useless when it doesn’t work.


What you complain about is sound strategy and that doesn’t need to be addressed in any way. Leading with a less than optimal starter in order to connect Utarinex with DC on the rampage and run is great part of the game. No need to mess with that.

The swap in dodge is a problem but honesty no one uses Monomimus so the only dino it affects is Zor but that dino has very high HP and high base damage for a 130 speed dino so It isn’t much of a problem. If it’s dodge was 100% it would probably need it’s base HP cut down to compensate. Most top players have it at L30 with 6/6/6 boosts at this point. That is 6542HP and 2768 Base damage.

I think when you use the hit and run, your team of dino’s should come up and you choose which dino to switch to.

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Not sure how I feel about hit and run. Feels like more people than ever will get lucky and run out to Dracocera…

Swap in dodge definitely needs to be 100%. I recently dodged an attack by Erlidom, but it still caused 3638 damage. Ridiculous. A swap in dodge should avoid it completely.

For swap in dodge, it should be 100% and maybe rename the swap in ability to “Swap in Definite Dodge” or something to know the difference between the in battle dodge ability.

Hit and run is fine, there’s already a random order over a random team selection. It’s not that easy to chain the hit and runner with DC.
Swap in dodge and swap in stun should be 100%. Dinos with swap in dodge are relatively low health, taking 33% damage it’s still bad for them. Dinos with swap in stun are relatively slow, most cases they can only delay the big hit.
With DC swap in ability being 100% effective all the time I don’t see why their ability should’t.

Wow didn’t know that. Thought that it was always the same. But yeah, I agree with everyone here. Hit and run is fine and it’s one of the few aspects that requires some strategy, if not everything is rng.
Your issue is with the rat and I completely agree, it shouldn’t be that powerful.

Agreed. ____ and run was completely useless back when it was random. Down vote 100%

Hmm, everyone is using ‘the rat’ and ‘strategy’ in the same sentence now. From what I’ve read all up and down the forum I thought those were mutually exclusive. :thinking:

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