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Hit and Run


I thought if you did a hit and run then it was supposed to automatically swap to the dino on the far left side? I did rampage and run with my paramoloch and it was supposed to switch to my Irex and I got my Suchatator instead (which was 3rd in my “line up”). I still win the match, but barely because I wasn’t expecting my Sucho.


They changed it last update, it goes in order now


Not quite. It picks a random dinosaur on your team other than itself. At least to me knowledge that’s how it works.


Okay. I must have missed that in the update.


Yeah I only realized cuz I watched a video about it too


Next non defeated dinosaur makes it sound like it would switch to the dinosaur that’s immediately to the right of your dino that used the switch attack. Not the first one on your roster


Yes I believe that’s how it goes @KColes


Before update it swapped to any random Dino in your lineup.
But since the update it swaps to the next Dino available after the one with swap ability (if it was the fourth then the first swap in unless he’s down in this case it’s the second and so on)

This is something to remember because for strike tower you get to pick the dinos in the order you want so for a difficult tower you might want to chain your swap Dino with a special one (or even better a Dino with swap in ability)


I had it happen where i have Delta use Impact and Run and she calls in my Nodopatosaurus. Girl knows what she’s doing. BFFs.


I read the update, but I guess I misunderstood. I know better now!