Hit on "impact and run" move

In battle, i did a “impact and run” move, but before it automatically swapped, it received a strike which killed it and the battle ended in a draw after one more round… wth?? How did my dino get hit before it was swapped???

Counter attacks hit the dinosaur before the dinosaur is switched.

Will have to look up the Dino I was battling against to see if it had that attack

I can’t remember which but it was a long neck. I’ve had a look at the 4 I have and not one has a counter attack… confused!

All Carnos (Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus… etc), Lythronax & Megalosaurus, along with their hybrids, got a 1x counter attack.

And the following dinos got additional counter attack in ver.1.3.
Amargocephalus (0.5)
Ankyntrosaurus (0.5)
Gigaspikasaur (0.5)
Kentrosaurus (0.5)
Nodopatosaurus (0.5)
Trykosaurus (0.25)

You said that’s a long neck dino, so it might be Gigaspikasaur or Nodopatosaurus.

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Yes counter attacks are very op since the update. Try Nodopatosaurus e.g.! :slight_smile:

Perhaps. Was quite surprised at my first draw! What do people think about a counter attack hitting before running?

The first time I saw that I was quite surprised but I’m fine with it that way. Counter attack dinosaurs have mostly just been bad so one more thing to make them not bad is fine by me.

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Mine just did the same. But it was a counter attack and then rampage when it should have just been the counter which I was expecting. Took me out…a bad glitch

I took a shot from a dino that did not have a counter before a swap. Since the 1.5 update I’ve actually had this happen several times, pretty much ruining the whole swap bbn out concept. This is a bad glitch that I hope will be addressed soon.