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Hiya, new to the forum, I make hybrids

Yeah I’m new here, was recommended to come here, hopefully some hybrid ideas of mine will get noticed, like this guy here

Full level 26 stats:
Health: 4300

Attack: 1450

Speed: 107

Armor: 20%

Critical Chance: 20%

Immune to DoT

Hope y’all like it, I’ve got many plans for the future


Hello and welcome,

that‘s an amazing artwork u have there. We have a thread here called JWA Artwork where we share Jurassic fanart and also hybrids. :slight_smile:

Ur very welcome to visit it and share ur art with the community! :slight_smile:


I love it.
There’s also another thread where others post artwork.
feel free to check it out. And keep up the great work. :+1:


Thank you! I sure will check it out

I will say I appreciate that these are grounded and not overpowered


Thank you, I like to make them as eligible to the game as possible, while also keeping them looking like their components