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Hmm i wonder...🤔


So Triki with more horns and better skin is weaker than this Dino? Trike needs some love guys you know how this Dino have fought some many Dinos even T Rex and could defeat him sometimes please put him in Super Rare or Legendary Ludia you should know the history of this creature

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I do wish the Trike and other dinos like the Spino, the Carno, the Utahraptor (largest Dromaeosaur ever) and the Argentinosaurus (one of the largest dinos ever) had better stats. From what i’ve seen, the end stages of the game has a high reliance on hybrids, making it more of a monster game than a dinosaur game. Unfortunate because it’s the dinosaurs (even some of the weaker commons) that made me really want to play the game. Like, screw the Yudon and it’s OP stats! My Spinosaurus is so much cooler.


I know right… we need an update to rework some old dinos first


Unfortunately this will never happen, it would break the game. If anything they could change the stats by 10-20 points but they would never take a common and change it to a super rare/legendary. However what they did do is add a hybrid to the trike, and then a super hybrid to that so they have given you a path to take your common creature all the way to end game stats. It is not pure trike but it does have the essence of it which is cool in my book.


Who knows they might do it


Tbh the tiers don’t matter nor make sense. Several dinos are in the “wrong” tier. I think the reason why is that they need the “fan favorites” to be on all tiers, otherwise you’d start out with dinos you might not know, like the Majungasaurus, and you’d have to grind to get all the known dinos, which in turn might push away JP/W fans.

Whereas starting with a Trike will be the hook of the game, and that’s another reason why you get a t-rex at I believe lvl 30.

So meh, I don’t think it matters nor do I think they’ll do it, since we’re already like 4 years into this game and nothing substantial has happened with the tiers of dinos.