Hmmmm Cheating or no?

So I battled this guy -edited-, he has 5191 trophies. He has 3 level 1’s and a level 6 and then all maxed level 30’s on his team after that. I assume that’s to get around the new matchmaking system and fight lower people? I cant think of any reason.

With me at 4700 trophies and my highest dino level 25 it’s safe to say I lost lol, In fact I never hit his Thor.

Super boost 4 Dino’s, keep 4 junk on your team and you’ll get matches with people with lower Dino’s. You’ll almost always get at least one super boosted and any team you meet can be slaughtered by one of yours. I’d your 4 are Thor, tryko, rat and erli you’ve golden, and since you’re only boosting 4 Dino’s, yours will be boosted higher than the teams you meet. I guess it’s a strategy - how well it works? Not sure, that’s just my guess on it. But the more complex that matchmaking gets, the more likely it will be able to be abused.


That means we need the armor boost😉