Should i sell one spinotasuchus for 31k dna to get more stuff that’s better? With this, i can sell it to get 4 tapjalocephalus, which sell for about 30k, and since i have a ton of sdna, i can make an investment and get more dna.
The battles have been really hard, and ive been told that there’s a huge gap between my tapejalo, should i be selling this so i can get monostegotops thing and better stuff for tournaments?

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dont sell the spinotasuchus because it takes a month to get 1k sdna of kapro and you can get 31k dna easily if you grind dna in the game which will probably take 1-2weeks


I’m fairly new to the game, been playing for roughly 6 months. I’ve learned you can’t rush the process. It’s actually slowed down a ton since I’ve reached level 55 give or take. I’m currently at 65 as of this morning. I still don’t have any SDNA dinosaurs. The reason why is I have a deep lineup for where I’m at. The unfortunate thing is my lineup is just below strong enough to reach the dom league. I wouldn’t make any new dinosaurs that are stronger than what you already have. Grind DNA and SDNA so that you can deepen your line up. It totally sucks not “progressing” as quickly as we did at the lower levels. I’ve read a lot on the forums that patience is key. I jump on everyday and do as many battles as my free time allows me. I’ve got over 8 tournament dinos that still need hatched as well as a VIP waiting for a free space in the incubator and the other 70 common, rares, super rares, and legendaries. I don’t really hatch dinos unless I can evolve them to a higher evolution that better fits my high end line up. Unless i have nothing that works. I always keep the incubation center fully running (all four slots).
Like I said I’m fairly new to the game but I think I have a pretty good understanding of how it works. I’d suggest doing that. If someone with more experience suggests something else I’d also consider what they say. However, do what you think will best help your park. It’s your game so play it the way you want too.:blush:
I’m still looking for ways to improve. This is just what I’ve taken from my time played recently.
Wish you the best, and good luck! Hang in there. It’ll even out in time.

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Your top 3 creatures while they are stronger than the rest of your team I would still not consider selling any of these.

Yes your PvE might be a bit harder but again not every event is based on your top 3.

Your top 4 creatures are dominator ready, I think selling any of them would be the worst decision you could make because these are in the sweet spot where they will be helpful to you throughout your journey with the game.

Just grind as much dna as you can and start working on a few creatures that you can bring up towards your top 3 ferocity level, tapejalosaur is good at 30 in tournaments invest in more of those, also work on getting a variety of other classes, both stegoceratops and ankylodocus are worthwhile investments, then for amphibians nundagosaur 40 is great and work on getting diplosuchus which for me is one of the most used amphibians in tournaments and PvE. Ostaposaur is brilliant but it’s quite dna heavy for your level in the game.

Also where are your legendary creatures? You should have at least a few 30 to 40 at your level, I dont see any unays, rexes or pteranodons in your roster at all…


uhhhh mainly ive not been getting 40 legendaries, i was focusing on one thing at a time……

also would the roster be possible for me to get pred and sneak into dom at the last moment?

Not really, unless your prepared for a lot of losses and a lot of bucks spent on cooldowns. Youl get there soon enough just keep hatching.

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Seeing those resources hurt…

Just calm down and build your way up. This game rewards patience among all else. Take a month or two to blast through events, save up some resources then take a look at your situation then. You’ll regret selling creatures, it’s never worth it.