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Hoarding XP to not Level Renown lol

Who else does this lol?

I absolutely will not level up my toons until my Bard, currently 7, ready to 8, is around level 10 because I refuse to be disadvantaged in PVP haha.

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Now that I just leveled her to 8… yeah… PvP has gotten a harder.

I wish I had thought of that. :slight_smile:

Sorry @Kazoo I should have posted this the other day when I started doing this. Was on the road.

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I also started doing this earlier this month. I only level the two characters who have named, locked doors waiting for them.

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I agree with shovion. I would rather have a stronger overall team and people to grind the dungeons than to worry about pvp. At least so far, the rewards seem better that way

You’re not going to earn Gems with a low level team.

I’m doing just fine with over 3k gems at Renown 11. Sure I can up my bard to L8 and get murdered in PVP, but what for? I’m almost done the story mode and I’m one level away from finishing the Harvest Shield challenge, right now I get stuck at stage 8/9.

The PVP rewards help me out quite a bit. I’m never struggling for gold or gems. There is plenty of it to go around once you learn how to spend.

I’d rather have my PVP ratio be at 45% (now) than 20% with an L8 Bard while all my others are sitting at L10 close to L11. I currently win initiative at 10%, so that means an L8 bard is useless haha and getting 1 hit but opponent Wizard is already a problem or dominated by opponent Bard. If you factor that into the equation, with a L8 Bard you’re looking at a 5v3 or 4v2 scenario. No thanks. Beside, I’ll be forced to upgrade one of my other, more important better equipped toons to L11, then I’ll hit the bard as well and go from Renown 11 to 13.

Different styles for different gamers. I’m not too hungry for legendaries, I’m missing one or two that I want. Many of the Epics and some rarest have better abilities.

Just offering a very real option for players to maximize their gaming style. I hate PVP here as well. Least fun part of the game. But once storymode is done… then what? Challenges over and over? I don’t watch movies more than once or twice, I just don’t repeat stuff. I feel as like the other few, when storymode is done, so may I be.

Cheers :slight_smile: