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Hoarsbrumbles unavailable

They don’t appear in the book of dragons, featured draft and can’t be bred so we’re stuck in the homecoming quests. Please fix.

Also i noticed that there are typos in the description of some of their abilities.
The 4* says all foes take reduced damage but it should read increased.
The 5* says all other allies gain x% spirit but it grants the ability to generate extra spirit like Toothless.

For the 3* and lower i don’t know if they are wrong since they are worthless to me and i didn’t pay attention to them.


Thanks for reporting this to us, Mig. Our team is aware of this issue, and it should be fixed soon! :slight_smile:


@Marcus so extendthe quest , people logged in just to start breeding, and do the quest. Most ppll have jobs and you just expect them to wait for a simple bug to be fixed. And not extend to make up for your mistake. What a joke, not to mention the abilities that you listed for the new hybrid are wrong. Wrong symbols and wrong spirt gain.


I just got one…was really excited but i cant do the quest as it says i dont have one…lol. still not working