Hobby thread

on this thread introduce you to all your hobbies when there is nothing to do

hobby n*1, cuddling the majestic triceratops gen 2

hobby n*2, see what Chanya offers me

and yes I was sad not to have enough loyalty points

and hobby n*3 doing pvj fights

  1. Log on
  2. Collect coins
  3. Check trade harbor
  4. Do PvE
  5. Do boss events
  6. Collect S-DNA
  7. See what I wanna put in the hatchery
  8. Log off

1 - Cuddling the majestic Icthyostega
2 - Hatching stuff that takes years to finish hatching (I’m thinking of hatching 4 T-rexes and leaving the game for a week to wait for the hatch)

That’s it.


Trex only takes like 3 or 4 days to hatch

Well I hatched mine like a week ago and It still has one day left.

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Are you sure it was a week and not 2 long days?

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It was a week that felt like two weeks

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