Holding down dino to get profile screen

Does anyone else experience issues sometimes when for example, in the special trial strike towers, you have to pick a dino with lets say bleed effect.

You look at the dinos you are able to use and you hold down your finger on them to view their profile and more often than not it doesn’t display.

Similar happens in raid lobbies when trying to view other players dino stats.

I thought maybe it was my phone, but I have brand new upgrade now and it’s still the same. I’m guessing i’m not alone in this frustrating bug?

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Same, can’t check either teammates or new people that send requests to the alliance.

The info I get is my own level/boosts, not the real one.

If you long press on someone else’s dinos in their profile, it’ll show you their stats instead of your own.

Not relevant to what I was saying.

Sorry yes, was meant in response to Viatovic.