Holding out a few more hours

So what are the chances I won’t have to fight again to remain in the top 500? I’ve slid 70-ish spots in the last day and am at roughly rank 475 now… anyone else with their fingers crossed?

I’ve just been holding tight at rank 30. I wanted to do more battles and see how high I could get, but last night I tried to and it kept giving me the 2 minute countdown every match and I’d have to restart the app to avoid getting screwed. Then I was finally able to fight one bot, and then the countdown started happening every match again. I just stopped battling so I wouldn’t drop ranks to a possible glitch.

I’ve slid to 489, curious how bad is it at your level?

Do you mean you … “slipped” 70-ish?? :smirk:


Just curious can we start battling again as soon as yhe tournament ends? Or is it better to wait

Bourneslippy , I’m one rank below you man! We won’t make it! Ranked all week and it’s gonna come down to the last battle.

I mean I slid 70-ish spots. As in the downward slide. Are you really trying to correct “slid” with “slipped”? You know they roughly mean the same thing right? Lol

It seems to be faster now… Don’t think we are going to make it bud!

and they had to change the dang time to 10am instead of 9…

I was 3 points above you earlier. I just said f$@*% it and started battling. I lost the 1st battle and almost soiled my pants I was so p!ssed. Then I ended up battling the same guy back and forth stealing each other’s rankings. Finally I got two decent (favorable) match-ups in a row and the sweating stopped. Until the next hour, we’ll see if my heart can take it?


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ill make my decision to battle around 930 if i sink close to 500. ill keep battling as long as im above 4750

dejavu man… same thing last season.

I think @Hersh was referring to your user name, Bourneslippy


Yeah, it sucks for me because I’ll be on the road driving to Disney in the last hour. I was trying to hold off, but the wife was like “seriously… no we’re going” lmao. So, she’ll be the one holding down my spot while I am driving… :cold_sweat:

make her drive since she wants to go so badly lol. i feel for you man. good luck have fun at Disney.

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Sorry your post confused me, I have had this gamer tag for so long I forget about it lol

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@Hersh btw

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Lol no worries man :joy:
It’s hard to disable my “dad-jokes” feature

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there was some confusion about when the leaderboard actually locked for season 1. if i lose 1 battle im below 4750 so im not chancing it. i’ll just wait until the rewards are given out. hopefully it doesn’t inexplicably take a week like season 1 rewards did :roll_eyes: