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Holiday time


Ok, this is a question that I hope has not been asked before but here goes. I am about to jet off to Sunnier Climes for 2 weeks of wonderful holiday. The problem is that I will be on a long haul flight and would like to still be able to play the game while on the plane. Accepting that there will be no chance to catch any dinos I would mainly be looking to take the opportunity of uninterrupted Arena time. My issue is that while on a plane travelling at between 600 - 900 MPH the game is going to pitch a fit. I have no problem telling it I am a passenger because of the sped but my worry is that the GPS is going to trip some sort of Anti-Cheating ban due to the speed it is going. Now it’s no big deal if I cant do this but I just though that 8 hours on a plane with nothing much to do would be a good opportunity to try and move up the arena ladder. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or will I get kicked for this


You will most likely get a penalty.
Ludia has these precautions. Just dont play on the plane, and you should be fine.

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the same as Baryonyx said, don’t play on the plane


Definitely won’t be on a passenger plane going anywhere near 900 mph lol but yea I wouldn’t play on the plane anyways. Just wait until ur done


You might not have a mobile data connection while on the plane unless you purchase the wifi offered by the flight company iirc… I could be wrong, but I think that was the issue the last time I was on a commercial flight… cell phones use cell towers and the average commercial flight is over 30k feet… so you may not be able to connect to a cell tower…

Good luck though…


Yeah I tried on the plane-
Mobile data doesn’t work
In flight WiFi doesn’t work.

If it does- you can’t see a thing the map is too fast.
That was on a train^


If your game load successfully then turn off your gps and enjoy battle in the arena :slight_smile: