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Holiday Toothless, do they make sense?

I admit, I was all about the Halloween Toothless. Played all the battles and made sure I earned enough that I was able to level him up to a 5 Star. I’ve always understood not having the same type of dragon on your main battle team. But, now that the programmers don’t even allow you to use the different versions of Toothless on the Arena Defense Battle Team, I’m like what’s the sense on getting the Christmas version. Especially since it’s such a lower point value. Anyone else feel they can introduce other characters if they are going to limit the use of the additional characters released?


You have a long way to go if BP is the only thing you use to judge the worth of a dragon.

Anyway, imagine a stage in which there are 2 Sawmaws and 2 tricky 2 heads in each of the waves which dragon would you rather take with you Regular toothless or Snoggletooth?

If it’s something like the last node of this trust event I would prefer Snoggletog Toothless. If it’s something with sawmaw I will definitely go with regular Toothless plus one dragon with ability lock and hope luck is on my side, no matter what the other dragons are. And presently it’s the only one with the ability of inflict x% damage on green dragons, so it can also be useful in alpha battles.


Still think maybe ludia is too fond of toothless, hope there will be more other dragons before another Toothless comes out. Dreadfall Toothless is already quite good in alpha battles and Toothless is quite good in quests and arena, so another one is not to be very much helpful.

Well he is like, The mascot of the entire series. I don’t blame them.

Next one up is New Year’s Stormfly, that’ll be different!

I am just getting one to complete book of dragons. Scales are too rare to justify maxing out another toothless.